On the occasion of World Earth Day 馃實, we all remember the importance of preserving the territory and safeguarding the planet.


Sustainability has always been a fundamental principle of our vision: it was the inspiration for the construction of a passive building in 2012, and continues to be the guiding value of our daily actions in 2022.


For us sustainability is a tangible commitment that has been with us for 10 years now, a responsibility towards the planet and towards the human being who inhabits it.



Boiardo Hotel is a passive design hotel: the building was designed with state-of-the-art technological solutions to reduce energy needs and the one used is still from renewable sources such as sun and wind. Passive buildings represent the excellence of sustainable building, combining cutting-edge technological solutions with excellent housing performance both in terms of consumption and comfort offered to the occupants. The technology of “passive buildings” divides the tasks into three phases: the envelope is left with the task of regulating the internal climate; to the plants the residual needs and to the people the “fine” adjustments of living comfort.


Boiardo Hotel offers its customers the electric car charging service, through various connectors and is part of Tesla’s Destination Charging program.



We have long since replaced single-use plastic with glass or aluminum and / or with biodegradable and compostable materials of plant origin, specifically:
路 Courtesy water bottles and spoons [chambers]: replaced plastic bottles with biodegradable plastic bottles and replaced plastic spoons with steel spoons.
路 Toothbrush holder glass [bedroom bathroom]: we have replaced the plastic cup with a biodegradable plastic cup.
路 Laundry bag [rooms]: we have replaced the plastic bag with a kraft paper bag.
路 Straws [bar hall]: we have replaced the plastic straws with compostable paper straws, preferably we offer cocktails without a straw. 路 Water bottles [bar hall]: replaced plastic bottles with recyclable cans.


路 Towels [bathrooms common areas]: we have eliminated the paper towels and installed electric towels.
路 Toilet paper [bathrooms rooms]: replaced toilet paper from virgin cellulose with toilet paper from recycled paper.
Cleaning products: all products and consumables used for cleaning are safe for the environment and the user, and have various environmental certificates. conclusion


the Boiardo experience combines tradition, technology and sustainability, values 鈥嬧媡hat in 2022 mean LIVING SMART.